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Anne & Co began as early as Jessie’s childhood when she first discovered her passion for crafting with scissors and glue sticks, creating original greeting cards. Over a decade ago, the spark for our business truly ignited when Jessie proudly exhibited her handmade creations at the State Fair’s Show-Me 4-H Wares booth.

Today, Anne & Co has evolved through numerous iterations, and we are excited to share with the world the diverse range of products and services we offer. From meticulously crafted textile creations like zipper pouches, clothing for both children and adults, and beautiful quilts, to heartfelt greeting cards and baby blankets, our dedication to handcrafted excellence shines through. We also offer embroidery creations and graphic design services, all reflecting the same passion and creativity that has fueled our journey from the very beginning. Welcome to our story, where artistry and innovation come together to make every moment special.

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